Who Are We and What Do We Want

We are a group of Twickenham folk who love Marble Hill Park, collectively we are everyday park-users from the local community. Most of us are parents with full-time jobs.  We are not doing this for financial reward, promotion or just to be bloody-minded. We are not affiliated with any political group what brings us together is a shared love of the The Park.
We simply believe that Marble Hill Park is too important to ignore and hope for the best going forward and we are working to protect the unique character and biodiversity of The Park.
We are not English Heritage – a national brand with huge resources and a dedicated PR team in full swing. We can only do so much but with your help we could do more.
Marble Hill Park is a community asset.  It is our park and has been since 1902. It is the largest park in Twickenham.  We understand that English Heritage want to make it pay for itself but that cannot come at any cost and without exploring all available options.

We need help from the local community if we are to steer this application in the right direction.  No one is saying it is all bad and that nothing should be done but there are real concerns which English Heritage should not just seek to brush aside.


If like us, you have concerns or questions about the scheme as it currently stands or parts of it, please help by contacting the council and English Heritage (please see links above)  This planning application is not a once in a lifetime / all or nothing proposal.  It is just part of an ongoing process by English Heritage and there is never just one option.  We know there is a solution that will work for all and we want to be part of that solution.

Please help us…


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